Apartment Living

For many people downsizing to an apartment, or moving to retirement living can be a difficult and emotional process. However, if carefully considered and logically thought through the transition can be a refreshing change.

Many items around the home will have significant sentimental value, and many items of furniture will be favourite pieces. There will also be those items that, for any number of reasons will not be suitable for relocating.

We can look objectively at furniture, fixtures and accessories to help you determine what would you would like to keep and what you may consider discarding. With due consideration to the floor plans for your new apartment or retirement home, we make sure that items that you would like to take with you will in fact sit comfortably and functionally in your new layout.

Existing pieces can sometimes be too large in scale when downsizing so we can look at furniture that is more functional, that perhaps incorprates smart storage ideas. We can create a design that welcomes and inspires and helps to transform your new living space to best suit your needs and lifestyle. This would be done with due consideration to floor and wall finishes, window coverings and upholstery fabric selection.